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Most of the data collected by the RLMS-HSE are now Public and are available to researchers without restrictions. Some data remain Sensitive and are available with the restrictions indicated in the table below.


Public Data Rounds Data Use Agreement Data Security Plan IRB Approval Data Access
Household & Individuala 1994-2020b No No No Dataverse
Community 1994-2019b No No No Dataverse
Supplemental Materials 1994-2017 No No No Dataverse
Sensitive Data
Birth Day and Month 1994-2019 Required Required No Email
Sexual History 2001 & 2003 Required Required Required Email
Family Planning and
Reproductive Health
2010 Required Required Required Email

a Birth day and month have been removed from these files for confidentiality reasons.

b We do not recommend analysis using the data from the first 4 rounds when the study was piloted in 1992.   But, if you have a specific need for this data, please contact the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow.


Individual, Household, and Community Data

These files are available to download without any application process from the CPC Dataverses hosted by the Odum Institute. As of 2014 the following changes have been made in the file organization for all rounds:

  • Birth day and month have been removed from the individual and household data for confidentiality reasons. You may apply for access to this information. See instructions below under “Sensitive Data”.
  • Age in years, the IOTF cutoffs for underweight, normal weight, overweight, and obesity, and the WHO z-scores, which require exact birth dates, have been added to the appropriate files.
  • All variables relating to an individual or a household have been merged onto a single record for each round. This includes the economic constructed variables. At each round, all variables are contained in only 4 files: Adult, Child, Household, and Community.
  • Data files are no longer encrypted – no password is needed.
  • Data may be downloaded from the CPC Dataverse in the following formats:  zipped Stata (compatible with version 11 or later), zipped SPSS portable, or individual files generated by the Dataverse in SPlus, R, or tab-delimited formats.
  • Variable distributions and other statistics and graphs may be generated on the CPC Dataverse site.


Sensitive Data

If you require use of the Sexual History, Family Planning and Reproductive Health, or Birth Day and Month data, please Contact Us and request assistance.