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Phase I

During the first phase of the project in 1992 and 1993, the RLMS team collected four rounds of data. This periodicity represented a compromise among the interests of the three major parties and partially related to the availability of funds from both the Russian and US sides. Many of the events that researchers would like to study using RLMS data–including fertility, abortion, family planning, migration, separation and divorce, and occupational transition–could be measured adequately by a survey fielded at less frequent intervals. Others, such as time use, health, nutritional status, and diet, benefit greatly from frequent data collection. Also, with frequent data collection one can study short- as well as intermediate-term responses to Russian reforms and other social changes.

Data Collection Schedule for Phase 1

Round I 7/20/92 to 10/10/92
Round II 12/20/92 to 3/25/93
Round III 7/1/93 to 9/15/93
Round IV 10/1/93 to 1/15/94

Phase II

Since 1994, the team has collected a new round of data almost every year in the second phase of the project.

Data Collection Schedule for Phase II

Round V 11/1/94 to 12/31/94
Round VI 10/95 to 12/95
Round VII 10/96 to 12/96
Round VIII 10/98 to 1/99
Round IX 9/00 to 12/00
Round X 9/01 to 12/01
Round XI 9/02 to 12/02
Round XII 9/03 to 12/03
Round XIII 9/04 to 12/04
Round XIV 9/05 to 12/05
Round XV 9/06 to 12/06
Round XVI 9/07 to 12/07
Round XVII 9/08 to 12/08
Round XVIII 9/09 to 12/09
 Round XIX  10/10 to 3/11
Round XX 10/11 to 3/12
Round XXI 9/12 to 2/13
Round XXII 9/13 to 2/14
Round XXIII 9/14 to 1/15