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Economic stratification of Russia’s population in the 1990s


Bogomolova, Tatyana & Tapilina, Vera S. (2001). Economic stratification of Russia's population in the 1990s. Sotsiologicheskie Issledovaniya, 27(6), 32-43.


Examines economic stratification & the social trajectory of its change in Russia during the 1990s. Data are drawn from the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring survey (1994-1998), principally based on the analysis of income per household. To equalize regional differences of cost of living, household income is normalized relative to regional subsistence levels. Economic stratification is constructed using an analytical scale with 10 strata. By distributing population across analytical scale intervals, impoverishment as the dominant trend in economic stratification change is demonstrated. The contours of this stratification are graphically remote from "lemon" or "oval" figures typical for a stable developed prosperous society. Social profiles of income inequalities & reproduction of economic layers are analyzed. 5 Tables, 2 Figures, 8 References. Adapted from the source document.

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Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Sotsiologicheskie Issledovaniya


Bogomolova, Tatyana
Tapilina, Vera S.