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Health lifestyles in Russia


Cockerham, William C. (2000). Health lifestyles in Russia. Social Science and Medicine, 51(9), 1313-1324.


Utilizing data from the nationwide Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (RLMS), this paper analyzes health lifestyles in Russia. Heavy alcohol use & smoking, a high-fat diet, & lack of leisure-time exercise are the principal culprits in fostering high rates of heart disease & other causes of premature mortality. This is especially the situation for middle-age, working-class males whose mortality is greater than any other segment of society. This paper focuses on alcohol use as a particularly lethal component of male lifestyles & presents a theoretical argument, grounded in the work of Weber &, especially, Bourdieu, that poor health lifestyles & practices are largely the outcome of structural conditions (life chances) rather than agency (life choices). Societal & group norms & routine practices can adversely affect longevity, & this is the case for Russian male blue-collar workers in the middle period of their life course. 4 Tables, 1 Figure, 55 References. Adapted from the source document.


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Journal Article

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Social Science and Medicine


Cockerham, William C.