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Health sector informal payments in Russia


Feeley, Frank G.; Sheiman, I. M.; & Shishkin, S. V. (1999). Health sector informal payments in Russia. Private practice, 3(4), 1.5.


The Russian Constitution declares the right of citizens to free medical care delivered by public medical facilities. This guarantee does not include some services such as dentures, plastic surgery, etc. Currently, medical services delivered by private facilities and practitioners are paid for only by
individuals, not public financing programs. According to existing laws, disabled persons, some chronic invalids, and veterans of war have the right to free or partially reimbursed drugs. For most Russians, drugs for outpatient treatment are not provided free and must be purchased in pharmacies. In addition to these "formal" costs incurred by individuals, an additional amount has been collected from Russian citizens through informal payments to health providers.

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Journal Article

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Private practice


Feeley, Frank G.
Sheiman, I. M.
Shishkin, S. V.