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Income inequality in China


Income inequality in China (2006).. Heshmati, Almas (Ed.) (pp. 173-220). Nova Science Publishers Inc..


China, following its radical economic reform has developed rapidly in recent decades with nearly double digit annual economic growth rates. China has experienced a major transformation in its transition from centrally planned economy to a developed and relatively well functioning market economy. This has been facilitated through a vision, strategy, planning, management and skilful implementation of such comprehensive reform program. The planning and implementation of the policy of reforming the economy has affected every aspect of life in China. It has implied organisational reforms and changes in production technology. The changes have required enormous amount of resources in various forms particularly in the energy sector, education and different public and private infrastructures. This book provides an up-to-date and in depth analysis of five factors crucial to the success of the policy and current state of the economy. These include: economic growth, bilateral trade relations, science and technology, flow of foreign direct investment and income inequality. They all together provide a comprehensive picture of the recent developments in the Chinese economy and its path of reform. The development has been a great source of admiration around the world.


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