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Health reform in Russia and Central Asia


Klugman, Jeni; Schieber, George; Heleniak, Timothy; & Hon, Vivian (1997). Health reform in Russia and Central Asia.. Nelson, Joan M.; Tilly, Charles; & Walker, Lee (Eds.) (pp. 322-350). Washington DC: National Academy Press.


This ground-breaking new volume focuses on the interaction between political, social, and economic change in Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States. It includes a wide selection of analytic papers, thought-provoking essays by leading scholars in diverse fields, and an agenda for future research. It integrates work on the micro and macro levels of the economy and provides a broad overview of the transition process.
This volume broadens the current intellectual and policy debate concerning the historic transition now taking place from a narrow concern with purely economic factors to the dynamics of political and social change. It questions the assumption that the post-communist economies are all following the same path and that they will inevitably develop into replicas of economies in the advanced industrial West. It challenges accepted thinking and promotes the utilization of new methods and perspectives.

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Klugman, Jeni
Schieber, George
Heleniak, Timothy
Hon, Vivian