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Food preference based segments in Russia


Honkanen, Pirjo (2010). Food preference based segments in Russia. Food Quality and Preference, 21(1), 65-74.


The health situation of Russian consumers is alarming. Food consumption patterns are one of the main reasons for poor health among Russians. Although there have been studies about the relationship between poverty, food consumption and health, research on preferences among Russian consumers is lacking even though preferences have a strong influence on food choices and thereby (un)healthy consumption patterns. A survey of 1081 Russian consumers in four cities was conducted. The purpose of this paper was to identify segments among Russian consumers according to their food preferences. Five segments were identified, with different preference patterns for the following chosen food groups: fish lovers, fish haters, various food lovers, food indifferent and red meat lovers. The segments were profiled by means of food consumption, food choice motives, attitudinal variables and socio-demographic variables. The implications for health authorities are discussed.


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Journal Article

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Food Quality and Preference


Honkanen, Pirjo