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Employer size effects in Russia


Idson, Todd (2000). Employer size effects in Russia. WDI Working Papers no. 300.


As early as 1911, Henry L. Moore documented that the wages of female textile workers in Italy were higher in larger establishments. In the last thirty years a large number of studies have demonstrated the presence of employer size-wage effects (at both the plant and firm level) in numerous different countries and across different time periods. This paper analyzes the labor market effects of employer size in Russia during the years 1994-98. Using the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey, a four year nationally representative panel of the Russian population, I investigate the relationship between enterprise size and the characteristics of employees, wage levels and wage growth, on-the-job training, tenure and turnover. My findings indicate that employer size effects in Russia exhibit similar characteristics to those observed in the U.S. and a variety of other countries.


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Journal Article

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WDI Working Papers no. 300


Idson, Todd