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Temporary employment in Russia: why mostly men?


Karabchuk, Tatiana S. (2012). Temporary employment in Russia: why mostly men?. The European Journal of Comparative Economics, 9(2), 279-303.


The paper deals with temporary employment in the Russian labour market. The main focus is the gender difference regarding determinants of temporary employment. Unlike most European countries, where women are more likely to have temporary work, in Russia men predominantly have this status, comparable to the situation in many developing countries. This paper seeks to understand why this is the case. The household survey of NOBUS (held in 2003 by State Statistical Centre with World Bank participation) is used to answer this question: the results suggest that gender differences in temporary employment do exist, and that the main factors that explain these differences are education, and marital status.

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Journal Article

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The European Journal of Comparative Economics


Karabchuk, Tatiana S.