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Inequality and poverty in post-crisis Russia


Kolenikov, Stanislav & Yudaeva, Ksenia (1999). Inequality and poverty in post-crisis Russia. Russian Economic Trends, 8(3), 13-19.


The August 1998 financial crisis and ruble devaluation had a dramatic effect on the
Russian economy. Demand for imports plummeted, and Russian industry became
more competitive, which led to an increase in industrial production. The financial
situation of the government also improved, and the share of barter in the economy
decreased. However, all these positive developments were accompanied by a massive decline in real incomes.

This paper makes an attempt to analyze the magnitude of the impact of the August
crisis on inequality and poverty in Russia.


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Journal Article

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Russian Economic Trends


Kolenikov, Stanislav
Yudaeva, Ksenia