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Labor market outcomes during the Russian transition


Lazareva, Olga (2009). Labor market outcomes during the Russian transition. Master's thesis / Doctoral dissertation.


Research questions/Empirical data. This thesis includes four papers that study selected aspects of the labor market transformation during the transition in Russia. In particular, the studies address the issues of non-wage employee compensation in Russian firms, location choices and labor market outcomes for the Russian migrants to Russia, the health effects of occupational change during the transition. The empirical data used come from the surveys of firms and individuals in Russia.

The research results. In these studies author finds that Russian firms used in-kind benefits to bargain for the government support and to attach employees in the tight labor markets; Russian migrants to Russia sorted themselves across locations according to the demand for their skills; occupational changes during the transition lead to the declining health and increasing levels of alcohol consumption and smoking.

A short description of the author. Olga Lazareva has received her B.Sc. in Economics from Novosibirsk State University in Russia and her M.A. in Economics from Central European University in Hungary. Currently she is a Ph.D. candidate at the Economics Department of the Stockholm School of Economics and a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Economic and Financial Research in Russia.


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Lazareva, Olga