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[Dietary intake of antioxidant vitamins in Russian population]


Martinchik, A. N.; Baturin, A. K.; Martinchik, E. A.; Peskova, E. V.; & Starovoitov, M. L. (2005). [Dietary intake of antioxidant vitamins in Russian population]. Voprosy Pitaniia, 74(4), 9-13.


Aim of present study was the getting data on dietary intake of antioxidant vitamins in Russian population in 1995-2002. The consumption of food was estimated by 24-hour recall methodology in course of Russian Longitudinal monitoring surveys of economics and health. Mean intake of vitamin A is less than recommended level and 25th procentile is near to zero. Mean and median of vitamin E intake are equal of recommended level. Dietary intake of vitamin A per 1000 kcal is maximal in group of children 0-6 year old and in adults aged 30-60 y. Nutrient density of daly diet in relation to antioxidant vitamins has maximal level in old group of population 60+ and minimal level in 6-18 year old children.

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Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Voprosy Pitaniia


Martinchik, A. N.
Baturin, A. K.
Martinchik, E. A.
Peskova, E. V.
Starovoitov, M. L.