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Poverty persistence in transitional Russia


Parshina, Svetlana (2007). Poverty persistence in transitional Russia. Master's thesis / Doctoral dissertation.


In this work different poverty lines based on equalized income and expenditures of households are used to analyze which demographic and socio-economic characteristics of household members cause it to be persistently poor (stay beloe the poverty line for more than 4 out of 9 periods under consideration), and main determinants of entry and exit into and from poverty. Analysis is based on ordered logit models and uses data from Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey covering 1994-2004. Obtained results suggest that the most vulnerable categories during the eleven years of older age and without higher education, as well as families with more than one unemployed member, while pensioners' households were relatively better off, compared to households headed by prime-age persons.

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Parshina, Svetlana