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Economie et santé: où en est la Russie?


Peaucelle, Irina (2001). Economie et santé: où en est la Russie?. CEPREMAP Working Paper No. 2001-05.


Before the USSR dislocation the Russian Federation was a country of high human development estimated by the
index based on three indicators: longevity, education attainment, and standard of living. It experienced reversals since 1990. This paper describes the relations between level of health and economic performance during recent
societal transformations in Russia, which are the principal reasons of this devolution. Also, the disparity in mortality and morbidity between the different regions of European Russia is explained by different sanitary and
ecological conditions. The inequalities in health service consumption are analysed as consequences of health insurance reforms and as inadequate comprehension of certain diseases by Russian medicine.


Reference Type

Journal Article

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Journal Title

CEPREMAP Working Paper No. 2001-05


Peaucelle, Irina