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Health care provision and financing


Shishkin, Sergey (2004). Health care provision and financing.. MacKellar, Landis; Andriouchina, Elena; & Horlacher, David (Eds.) (pp. 44-51). Laxenberg, Austria: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.


Russia is abundantly endowed with health infrastructure (see Table 1). In 2001, there were 10,600 hospital settings with a total of 1,653,000 beds and 21,300 outpatient facilities capable of serving 3,548,000 outpatients per shift. Russia’s health care system employed over 3,5 million individuals, including 678,000 physicians and 1,544,000 mid-level health professionals. Outpatient care in Russia is predominantly provided at polyclinics that encompass physicians of various specialties. Transition to general physician (GP) practices has been declared as a policy priority task. GPs will be expected to replace traditional community polyclinic-based internists. However, not much progress has been achieved so far. According to the country’s Ministry of Health (MoH), only 5,300 GPs have been trained, and less than half of them (2,300) actually practice as such.

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Shishkin, Sergey