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Below the poverty line-duration of poverty in Russia


Spryskov, Dmitri (2003). Below the poverty line-duration of poverty in Russia. EERC Working Paper Series no. 03-04e..


This paper focuses on persistent poverty in Russia and determines the main micro and macro factors that cause a household to be persistently poor. As potential correlators of persistent poverty, main demographic, socio-economic and regional characteristics of a household, as well as the characteristics of the household's head are considered. The research was carried out on the data of the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (rounds 5–9). As an econometric tool, ordered logit analysis was used. A separate section of the paper is devoted to an investi-gation of the main determinants of entry and exit into and from poverty, for which both logit and ordered logit models were used.


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Journal Article

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EERC Working Paper Series no. 03-04e.


Spryskov, Dmitri