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Mobility and poverty dynamics among Russian children


Klugman, Jeni & Kolev, Alexandre (2001). Mobility and poverty dynamics among Russian children.. Bradbury, Bruce; Jenkins, Stephen P.; & Micklewright, John (Eds.) (pp. 254-280). Cambridge, U. K.: Cambridge University Press.


Leading researchers examine child poverty in industrialized countries--the United States, UK, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, and Russia--in this major new study. Issues addressed are: definition and measurement in the dynamic analysis of child poverty; cross-national comparisons of child poverty rates and trends; cross-national comparisons of children's movements into and out of poverty; country-specific studies of child poverty dynamics; and the policy implications of taking a dynamic perspective. This unique study, with its cross-national and dynamic analysis of child poverty, will interest academics, international organizations, governments and their advisors.


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Klugman, Jeni
Kolev, Alexandre