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Recent developments in HIV/AIDS prevention for Russian adolescents


Stothard, Blaine; Romanova, Olga; & Ivanova, Larissa (2007). Recent developments in HIV/AIDS prevention for Russian adolescents. Sex Education, 7(2), 175-189.


Rates of sexually transmitted infections and HIV transmission in Russia remain high. Official attitudes do not yet appear to recognise fully their significance. There is increasing knowledge of the population's sexual behaviour and attitudes, including of young people, emerging from local and externally funded programmes. This is leading to greater government interest and response. Previous government reluctance towards sexual health education programmes for young people is changing. The Ministry of Education and Science 2003 invitation to Moscow‐based Project HOPE staff to produce HIV/AIDS materials for vocational school students has been funded and is being implemented. The invitation illustrates the political and professional success and acceptance of earlier drug education materials, and the adoption by the Ministry of a ‘catalyst’ role. Research from the materials shows the variance of attitudes between students and their teachers and parents to those who are HIV‐positive. A further invitation was issued by the Ministry of Education and Science to produce sex education materials for mainstream school pupils aged 16–17, and is now in place. Ministerial confidence is needed to present and argue the case to the Russian population for school sex education.


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Journal Article

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Sex Education


Stothard, Blaine
Romanova, Olga
Ivanova, Larissa