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Soviet and Russian statistics on alcohol consumption and abuse


Treml, Vladimir G. (1997). Soviet and Russian statistics on alcohol consumption and abuse.. Bobadilla, JL; Costello, CA; & Mitchell, F. (Eds.) (pp. 220–238). Washington D.C.: National Academy Press.


In recent years there have been alarming reports of rapid decreases in life expectancy in the New Independent States (former members of the Soviet Union). To help assess priorities for health policy, the Committee on Population organized two workshops--the first on adult mortality and disability, the second on adult health priorities and policies. Participants included demographers, epidemiologists, public health specialists, economists, and policymakers from the NIS countries, the United States, and Western Europe. This volume consists of selected papers presented at the workshops. They assess the reliability of data on mortality, morbidity, and disability; analyze regional patterns and trends in mortality rates and causes of death; review evidence about major determinants of adult mortality; and discuss implications for health policy.


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Treml, Vladimir G.