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Nutrition and healthy functioning in the developing world


Zohoori, Namvar (2001). Nutrition and healthy functioning in the developing world. Journal of Nutrition, 131(9), S2429S-2432.


There is a general lack of data for studying the relationship between nutrition and healthy functioning among the elderly in developing countries. Nevertheless, knowledge of biological relationships from studies in other countries can be applied to gain an understanding of what can be expected in the developing world. In this respect, the concept of the nutrition transition is important. However, nutrition transition as related to elderly populations in developing countries has not yet been adequately studied. The developing world is not homogeneous with respect to patterns of nutritional status among the elderly, and problems of both under- and overnutrition exist among different populations of the elderly and both will be important factors for future functional status levels. In addition, there are many extrinsic factors (such as socioeconomic, political and cultural factors) in these countries that are even more important in determining nutritional status and its relation to function. Unless research and policy development in developing countries escalate and keep pace with the nutrition and demographic transitions in these countries, high levels of disability and dependency are likely in the near future.

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Journal Article

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Journal of Nutrition


Zohoori, Namvar