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Income mobility in Russia (2000-2005)


Lukiyanova, Anna & Oshchepkov, Aleksey (2012). Income mobility in Russia (2000-2005). Economic Systems, 36(1), 46-64.


Using the data from the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (RLMS), this paper investigates income mobility in Russia during the period of rapid economic growth (2000-2005). Employing a broad set of mobility indices, we show that there is much mobility in household incomes from one year to the next and over longer periods in Russia. Both relative and absolute mobility in Russia are significantly higher than in Western countries. We demonstrate that income growth in Russia was strongly pro-poor in 2000-2005. Incomes of the relatively poor were growing faster than incomes of the relatively rich. However, this inequality-reducing effect was almost exactly offset by changes in the relative positions of individuals and the overall reduction in cross-sectional inequality was merely modest.


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Journal Article

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Economic Systems


Lukiyanova, Anna
Oshchepkov, Aleksey