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Gated communities in high density Hong Kong: a pragmatic outcome?


Chiu, Rebecca Lai Har (2012). Gated communities in high density Hong Kong: a pragmatic outcome?.


Regarded as a way of life because of its long existence and wide adoption, the urban and social implications of the estate-type residential organization in Hong Kong have been seldom questioned. This paper aims to explain this lack of criticism on residential gatedness at local level by comparing the Hong Kong case with international prototypes. This paper will initially compare the proliferation of gated communities in Hong Kong and other cities, focusing on the underlying social processes. It will then compare the characteristics of the residential enclaves, focusing on features which are contentious in the gated community literature: security, privatization and governance of public space, socio-spatial segregation, community development, and accessibility to public and social services. Finally, it will compare the institutional contexts and processes shaping diversified socio-spatial outcomes as a way of explaining for the strong acceptance of gated communities in Hong Kong.


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Chiu, Rebecca Lai Har