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Microanalysis of retirement behavior in the Russian Federation


Sonina, Iuliia (2012). Microanalysis of retirement behavior in the Russian Federation. Master's thesis / Doctoral dissertation.


This paper presents the results of econometric analysis of retirement behavior of Russian pensioners. The aim of the investigation is determination of those factors that affect the retirement decision of men and women in Russia. Their understanding can be helpful for pension reform realization. This analysis is performed on the basis of data from the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey. The data are taken from the 15th to 19th waves of survey that correspond to 2005-2010 period of time. First of all this paper gives a survey of retirement literature, then describes the pension system in the Russian federation and particularities of retirement behaviour of Russian pensioners, after that it presents basic hypothesis of the analysis and, finally, concludes with econometric results and their interpretation.


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Sonina, Iuliia