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Women in management in Russia


Hunt, Carianne M. & Crozier, Sarah E. (2011). Women in management in Russia.. Burke, Ronald J. & Davidson, Marilyn J. (Eds.) (pp. 143-164). Burlington, VT: Gower Publishing Limited.


With facts, figures and analysis from more than 30 experts, this expanded and updated second edition provides a genuinely cross-cultural assessment of women in management globally. This important book examines evidence that an understanding of the values, norms and cultural issues bearing on the progress or otherwise of women in organizations is becoming ever more necessary. There is a looming crisis in organizational leadership, with demographic factors and globalization leading to an international talent war. Against that background, continuing bias against women seeking leadership responsibilities means organizations are failing to develop available talent, and when corporations experience economic difficulties the consequences bear disproportionately on women managers.

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Hunt, Carianne M.
Crozier, Sarah E.