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Data Sources for Studying Aging


Schafer, Markus H. & Ferraro, Kenneth F. (2009). Data Sources for Studying Aging.. Uhlenberg, Peter (Ed.) (pp. 19-36). Springer Netherlands.


The demographic study of aging in comparative context covers wide intellectual and disciplinary ground. Aging involves social, behavioral and biological processes; thus, scholars studying aging investigate issues ranging from genetic contributions to chronic disease susceptibility (Olshansky et al. 2005) to the effects of economic growth on elders’ living arrangements (McGarry and Schoeni 2000). Aging involves many multifaceted processes that have implications at the microlevel for the analysis of individual lives and at the macrolevel for the analysis of population and historical change.


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Book Section

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International Handbooks of Population


Schafer, Markus H.
Ferraro, Kenneth F.