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The rapid emergence of obesity in developing countries


Doak, Colleen Marie & Popkin, Barry M. (2008). The rapid emergence of obesity in developing countries.. Semba, Richard D.; Bloem, Martin W.; & Piot, Peter (Eds.) (pp. 617-638). Humana Press.


The last century witnessed a remarkable change in patterns of disease. The control of infectious disease, together with changing life styles, led to longer life expectancies and the emergence of chronic disease as a primary cause of death. This change from infectious to chronic disease, first described by Omran [1], is known as the epidemiologic transition. However, as a result of the occurrence of HIV and related drug-resistant infections, some countries have witnessed a reversal in the expected trends [2]. In spite of HIV and related rises in the prevalences of infectious disease, obesity and chronic disease prevalences are still emerging at an accelerated rate in many developing countries [3–5]. In fact, prevalences of overweight/obesity exceed that of undernutrition in a majority of 37 developing countries studied in both urban and rural areas [6]. Overweight and obesity are emerging in developing countries as a result of rapidly changing lifestyle.


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Nutrition and Health Series


Doak, Colleen Marie
Popkin, Barry M.