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The nutrition transition and its relationship to demographic change


Popkin, Barry M. (2008). The nutrition transition and its relationship to demographic change.. Semba, Richard D.; Bloem, Martin W.; & Piot, Peter (Eds.) (pp. 601-616). Humana Press.


20.1 Introduction

Scientists have long recognized the importance of the demographic and epidemio-logical transitions in higher-income countries and have more recently understood that similar sets of broadly based changes are occurring in lower-income countries. What has not been recognized is that concurrent changes are occurring in nutrition with equally important resource allocation implications for many low-income countries. This chapter provides a heuristic framework that accommodates the dynamic nature of nutrition.

Human diet and nutritional status have undergone a sequence of major shifts among characteristic states, defined as broad patterns of food use and corresponding nutrition-related disease.1


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Nutrition and Health Series


Popkin, Barry M.