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Structural convergence in Russia’s economic transition, 1990–2002


Lazarev, Valery & Gregory, Paul (2007). Structural convergence in Russia’s economic transition, 1990–2002. Economic Change and Restructuring, 40(3), 281-304.


This paper examines structural change in Russia’s transition in 1990–2002 as measured by the changing composition of output, employment, and end use of GDP. Using an international panel data sets as a frame of reference, it calculates a series of indexes to determine the extent to which the Russian economy is converging towards market economies in the course of market transformation. Our methodology lets us analyze the changes in the structural profile of the economy using the entirety of the available data rather than individual performance indicators. We find that Russia has become structurally similar to the benchmark market economies in the upper-middle income group and the lower tier of high-income countries. At the same time, the extent of labor reallocation remains inadequate and Russia’s pattern of consumption remains distorted due to the incomplete price liberalization.


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Journal Article

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Journal Title

Economic Change and Restructuring


Lazarev, Valery
Gregory, Paul