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Job Insecurity and Employees’ Motivation to Engage in Professional Education


Ankudinov, Andrei B. & Lebedev, Oleg V. (2014). Job Insecurity and Employees' Motivation to Engage in Professional Education. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 11(5), 860-865.


Current economic slowdown in Russia can cause significant problems with employment in a number of national economy sectors. The article presents results of econometric analysis of employees’ confidence levels in finding comparable new jobs in case of termination of current employment as well as of probability to be temporarily laid off without pay, projected onto employees’ participation in professional education programs for different branches of the Russian economy. Sample used in the analysis represents Russia’s working population. Results demonstrate that those employed in agriculture, manufacturing, transport and communications are the most vulnerable while at the same time they are least of all involved in professional development programs. Personal characteristics of employees emerge as important determinants of their job security: Residents of large cities, the younger ones, those with shorter length of employment as well as with higher level of education, those better paid feel less vulnerable. All the aforementioned characteristics are also positively related to active investment in building up the employees qualifications.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

American Journal of Applied Sciences


Ankudinov, Andrei B.
Lebedev, Oleg V.