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Russia and Former USSR, Health Systems of


Balabanova, Dina & Coker, Richard (2008). Russia and Former USSR, Health Systems of.


The recent sociopolitical transition of the former Soviet Union has resulted in deepening poverty, increasing marginalization, and widening income inequality. Overall, compared with Western Europe, health indicators have deteriorated markedly. Over this period, access to health care has deteriorated. Across the region, reforms have been dependent upon varying economic and political imperatives, but similarities exist. Broadly, there has been a shift from a taxation-based to an insurance-based system and some support for primary care expansion. However, a substantial network of vertical structures with highly specialized professional staff persists. Building integrated, coordinated, evidence-based, multidisciplinary, patient-centered care to respond to chronic disease and emerging communicable diseases remains a challenge.


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Balabanova, Dina
Coker, Richard