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To Live as Well as Others: Most Russians Can’t and Don’t Want to Increase their Income


Malyutina, Artyom (2018). To Live as Well as Others: Most Russians Can't and Don't Want to Increase their Income. In Realnoe Vremya. Moscow, Russia.


'Bar' of 20,000

Applied Economics programme postgraduate of the Higher School of Economics National Research University Nina Kolennikova did research about the economic status of working population of Russia and its social attitude. And she came to a hard-hitting conclusion: more than a half of working Russians live on their salary only, can't buy property or save money and, as a rule, aren't able and don't try to improve the quality of their life with their knowledge and skills.

Surveys of 5,230 people conducted in October 2015 – January 2016 by the Higher School of Economics's and Demoscope PLC with the participation of the


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Malyutina, Artyom