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The Family Influence on Engineering Students’ Career Choice: Evidence from the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey


Timofeeva, Anastasiia (2017). The Family Influence on Engineering Students' Career Choice: Evidence from the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey.


Nowadays youth feel freer and less limited by rules and dogmas. Is family influence on the choice of specialty as strong as before? This paper analyzes the changes in family influence on students' career choices last five years in Russia (2010/2014). The factor of interest is the correlation between the students' and graduates' specialties and what some family members previously studied. Based on the RLMS-HSE data collected in series of nationally representative surveys the panel data discrete choice model is constructed and estimated. The result shows that the family greater affected the career choice of students in engineering than in other fields. In general, the impact of the family significantly weakened. The younger generation has become more independent in the choice of specialty. This means that in recent years the family has lost its influence on students' career choice. Thus it is impossible to solve the problem of increasing the attractiveness of higher technical education through the family influence.


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Timofeeva, Anastasiia