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The changing intra-household resource allocation in Russia


Lacroix, Guy & Radtchenko, Natalia (2011). The changing intra-household resource allocation in Russia. Journal of Population Economics, 24(1), 85-106.


During the transition period, Russian workers witnessed important changes in their real earnings. In the process, the wage gap between men and women has varied wildly and the family decision-making process may have been significantly altered. To investigate this issue, we estimate a collective labour supply model using data from the RLMS. The specification allows the sharing rule to change in a discrete manner between the pre- and post-1998 financial crisis. Our results indicate that the parameters of the sharing-rule have shifted to a new equilibrium in the post-1998 period. Indeed, when their relative wage increases, husbands (wives) transfer relatively less (more) to their spouse than was previously the case.


Reference Type

Journal Article

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Journal of Population Economics


Lacroix, Guy
Radtchenko, Natalia