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Leaving state sector employment in Russia


Turunen, Jarkko (2004). Leaving state sector employment in Russia. Economics of Transition, 12(1), 129-152.


I analyse the reallocation of labour and human capital from the state sector to the non-state sector and non-employment in Russia. I use a nationally representative household dataset, the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey, to study sectoral mobility in early transition using summary measures of mobility and multivariate discrete choice models. The results show that sectoral mobility varies between different skill groups, and in particular that those with university education, with supervisory responsibility and in white-collar occupations are less likely to leave state jobs for both non-state employment and non-employment. The results suggest that in the early stages of transition in Russia mismatch of skills across state/non-state employment was significant and that non-state employment consisted mostly of low skill, "bad" jobs.


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Journal Article

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Economics of Transition


Turunen, Jarkko