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Childrens opportunities to physical activity between home and school


Dang, Phung (2005). Childrens opportunities to physical activity between home and school. Master's thesis / Doctoral dissertation.


Walking or bicycling to school can be an opportunity for children to increase their daily physical activity. The purpose of this study is to learn more about the topic active commuting in children and adolescents and find relevant researchable questions within the field. The primary focus is on children’s active commuting modes, prevalence, distances, time, assessment methods, and the contribution of active commuting to children in meeting the existing physical activity guidelines.

A literature search was executed in PubMed. Following key words, active commuting, physical activity, active commuting in combination with physical activity, transport, transportation, transportation to school and active commuting to school were used to the literature search. Six publications of relevance were found and reviewed.

Results and conclusion:
Few studies have been done in this field. But by comparing the detected studies, which are from different parts of the world, one can say that active commuting can play a major role for children’s physical activity. It contributes, in these countries, with 18-83% physical activity to children in meeting existing guidelines for physical activity. Similar data has not been found for the Swedish children. On the basis of this, studies in Sweden are proposed to be carried out and the suggested objectives are the prevalence, distance, contribution to guidelines and the overall physical activity of active commuting in Swedish children. The proposed assessment methods should be carefully studied to avoid errors and simplify the data treatment.


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Dang, Phung