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Infrastructure investing: managing risks & rewards for pensions, insurance companies & endowments


Sawant, Rajeev J. (2010). Infrastructure investing: managing risks & rewards for pensions, insurance companies & endowments. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc..


Invaluable information regarding one of the biggest worldwide growth areas in investing-infrastructure assets

Infrastructure investing is about to explode on the worldwide scene. The fact is that real money will need to be spent on real projects-which will present real opportunities for stable, long-term returns. But infrastructure assets have unique characteristics and the investments and funds that will likely rise up must be suitably structured to serve investor needs.

Author Rajeev Sawant has been analyzing infrastructure investments, funds, and project financing programs for nearly five years, and with this book, he presents information that will be invaluable to lenders, pension funds, insurance companies, investment funds, rating agencies, and even governments.

Presents comprehensive data analysis on infrastructure cases worldwide
Analyzes the opportunities as well as the pitfalls of infrastructure investing
Focuses on the needs of pensions, insurance companies, and endowments interested in infrastructure investing

For the next decade, worldwide economic growth and increased employment-as well as investment returns-will come from infrastructure projects. This book will help you understand today's dynamic infrastructure asset class and quickly get you up to speed on the unique risks and rewards associated with it.


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Sawant, Rajeev J.