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Promoting civil society or diffusing NGOs?


Aksartova, Sada (2009). Promoting civil society or diffusing NGOs?.. Hemmack, David C. & Heydemann, Steven (Eds.) (pp. 160-191). Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press.


The essays in this book reflect pioneering efforts to study the global movement of ideas and institutions. They deal with topics of significant contemporary importance: initiatives to address the AIDS epidemic in East Africa; to protect the peoples and ecosystems of the Amazon; to advance the "truth and reconciliation" process in South Africa and in other areas of great conflict; to promote "civil society" in Eastern Europe and Central Asia; to advocate for environmental protection in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and Japan; and to spread Rotary Clubs and encourage "social entrepreneurship" throughout the world. These essays highlight a wide range of research, paying close attention to the realities of particular situations and to current thinking about general processes.


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Aksartova, Sada