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On consumption insurance in poor urban areas: evidence from Ethiopia


Alvi, Eskander & Dendir, Seife (2009). On consumption insurance in poor urban areas: evidence from Ethiopia. Journal of International Development, 21(5), 699-713.


This paper tests the full insurance and related hypotheses using data from urban households in Ethiopia. Whereas consumption insurance tests have focused on rural areas of developing countries, much less is known about the urban poor who remain precariously positioned in terms of consumption insurance—owing both to weak social bonding that undermines informal arrangements and thin formal insurance and financial markets. Results from OLS and GMM estimations provide evidence to this effect and show that full insurance is strongly rejected for various income and consumption categories even at the local level. The results do suggest however that partial insurance may be taking place though only among the most vulnerable.


Reference Type

Journal Article

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Journal of International Development


Alvi, Eskander
Dendir, Seife