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Soaring dragons, roaring tigers, growling bears


Badunenko, Oleg & Tochkov, Kiril (2010). Soaring dragons, roaring tigers, growling bears. Economics of Transition, 18(3), 539-570.


We perform a comparative analysis of regional growth and convergence in China, Russia and India over the period 1993–2003 by means of non-parametric methods and kernel density estimates. Our results indicate that wealthy regions were largely responsible for the rapid growth in all three countries. For China and India, capital dissipation was identified as the major determinant of regional growth. In Russia, capital deepening impeded positive changes in labour productivity, leaving technological change as the only source of regional growth. Furthermore, we find that the increasing regional income inequality in all three countries was driven by technological change which more than offset the convergence resulting from capital deepening in China and India.


Reference Type

Journal Article

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Journal Title

Economics of Transition


Badunenko, Oleg
Tochkov, Kiril