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Health sector reform and equity in transition


Balabanova, Dina C. (2007). Health sector reform and equity in transition. Johannesburg, South Africa: University of the Witwatersrand, Center for Health Policy.


The objectives of the paper were: 1.To provide a review of relevant empirical and theoretical material, on health reform and equity in transition states and 2. To generate lessons for senior policy-makers, donors and civil society groupings internationally based on this experience. This paper aims to provide a broad snapshot of the situation in central and eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union (CEE/FSU) and identify major issues in relation to equity and health systems. The strategy was to draw mainly on papers published in peer-reviewed journals selected mainly on the basis of relevance by geographical and subject areas. Relevant and accessible papers published in professional and policy journals, unpublished project reports and other grey literature were also included where possible. Due to time and resource constraints, this paper did not seek to provide an exhaustive picture of equity in the CEE/FSU region. First, there is a marked shortage of peer-reviewed publications addressing health equity and the impact of current reform on equity in CEE/FSU region. There are also few examples of a rigorous evaluation of health care policies and donor interventions with relevance to health equity


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Balabanova, Dina C.