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The peculiar pattern of mortality of Jews in Moscow, 1993-95


Shkolnikov, Vladimir M.; Andreev, Evgueni M.; Anson, Jon; & Mesle, France (2004). The peculiar pattern of mortality of Jews in Moscow, 1993-95. Population Studies, 58(3), 311-329.


Russian Jews, particularly men, have a large mortality advantage compared with the general Russian population. We consider possible explanations for this advantage using data on 445,000 deaths in Moscow, 1993-1995. Log-linear analysis of the distribution of deaths by sex, age, ethnic group, & cause of death reveals a relatively high concentration of endogenous causes & a relatively low concentration of exogenous & behaviorally induced causes among Jews. There is also a significant concentration of deaths from breast cancer among Jewish women. Mortality estimates using the 1994 microcensus population as the denominator reveal an 11-year Russian-Jewish gap in the life expectancy of males at age 20, but only a 2-year life-expectancy gap for women. Only 40% of the Russian-Jewish difference for men, but the entire difference for women, can be eliminated by adjustment for educational differences between the two ethnic groups. Similarities with other Jewish populations & possible explanations are discussed. 10 Tables, 2 Figures, 1 Appendix, 73 References. Adapted from the source document.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


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Population Studies


Shkolnikov, Vladimir M.
Andreev, Evgueni M.
Anson, Jon
Mesle, France