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Employment in the new private sector in Russia


Clarke, Simon & Kabalina, Veronika (1999). Employment in the new private sector in Russia. Post-Communist Economies, 11(4), 421-444.


This article addresses the question: how many people are employed in the new private sector in Russia and what are the principal characteristics of the new private firms that employ them? Following a review of the available data, the analysis of new household survey data suggests that the new private sector in Russia is much healthier than many pessimistic commentators have supposed. It has not played the transformative role that optimists might have hoped, but it has been growing steadily through the 1990s and now dominates the branches of trade, catering and services that it has made its own. On the other hand, the new private sector has made much less progress in the productive sphere and its future prospects in the absence of overall economic growth are more uncertain.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Post-Communist Economies


Clarke, Simon
Kabalina, Veronika