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Constructed variable data sets for both household economics and health currently exist for Rounds V through XIV only. After Round XIV the health variables were no longer constructed. In the absence of detailed documentation, the variable labels in each data set describe the contents of the variables.

The number of observations in each data set does not necessarily match the total number of observations in the original data files. For the economics data sets, filter criteria were established so that only families with complete economic information were included. The health data sets used the maximum number of non-missing observations per individual analysis. Thus, the health data sets vary in composition more than do the economics ones.

In the economics data sets, nominal ruble values are those figures that appear in the original data. Real ruble amounts are nominal values that have been adjusted to June 1992 rubles.

The following chart describes the different types of constructed-variable data sets and the unit of observation for each.

Note: As of 2014, all constructed variables have been added to their respective individual or household observations for all rounds.


Health Data (Rounds 1994-2005)

Economics Data (All Rounds)
Household Assets Household Adult Nutrition Individual
Demographic Composition Household Caloric Intake Individual
Household Expenditures Household Alcohol Consumption Individual
Household Income Household Drug Availability Individual
Household Poverty Line Household Immunizations Individual
Labor Force Participation Individual Children’s Nutrition Individual
Medical Problems Individual
Smoking Individual

More information about the Household Poverty Line calculations can be found here:
“Poverty and the Economic Transition in the Russian Federation”
“The Development of a Subsistence Income Level in the Russian Federation”